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Nishant Jethva

 Co – Founder

Nishant Jethwa, the co-founder of Postboy Studios, established the studio in 2018. Working in an industry from the mere age of 19, he mastered all the aspects required for production as well as post-production. With Studios, his vision did not limit to improve himself but catering to the new talents, aspiring them to learn more and create plenty.

” Lets grow together as a team, as a company.

Umang Bhanushali

 Co – Founder

Umang Bhanushali, the co-founder of Postboy Studios completed M.Sc in Pharmacy. Apart from having a keen interest in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, he possessed a zeist of being an entrepreneur. With a creative scale and marketing mind, his influence shines brightly over the individuals of studios.

” One for the soul, one for the kitchen”

nabil kazi

 Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist

Nabil is our studio’s memelord, previously worked for 2 years as a freelancer creating memes for famous youtubers. Nabil oozes out enthusiasm and dedication in his work and maybe that's what makes him the client's favourite.

” Sometimes the best part of my job is that my chair swivels.”

Vinay Patil

 Web Designer, Social media Marketer

Vinay, the scientist of the studio. The kind of guy who would drive a car without knowing how to drive it. (crash caution) Being through a series of jobs as editor, app tester, digital marketer he has gathered a wide range of experience.

” Without  music life would be blank to me “

Vinay Sawant


The new guy. Would be found bumping his headphones, listening to music, writing and taking long short breaks with an excuse of thinking of an idea for something.

” It’s just getting started”

Omkar Malvankar


Omkar, the Joe Pesci of the studios, no matter how hard or what the task is, he gets work done. Previously worked in the industry for more than 8 years, he knows in and out about everything.

” Knowledge Leads To Freedom”

Aditya More

 Graphic Designer

Studio’s youngest champ. An automobile enthusiast. Beware before handing him a sketching book, this fellow shall be painting car models even on stones. A cracker for untimely jokes

” Big dreams have small beginnings”

Vinay vadluru

 Motion Graphics Artist

3rd Vinay. Someone suggested we should call it Vinegar (Vinay ghar) considering the amount of Vinays here. An experienced graphic designer who got tired of photoshop and wished to view characters in motion.

” You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

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